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Do you know what it means to be Asian American?

The Asian Students Association at UNC seeks to provide a platform for students to understand Asian American identity. Although Asian American-ness is often recognized as having a fragmented history, ASA allows students to easily discover for themselves what this idea truly means. Through cultural programs, social events, and more, ASA supports a thriving Asian American Community at the University of North Carolina.

ASA exists as a resource for many cultural, performance, and greek Asian-interest organizations These organizations help students get involved in the Asian American community while exploring Asian culture.

  • % Growth rate of Asian Americans in U.S. South
  • % Growth rate of Asian Americans in N.C.
  • % Asian/Asian American of the Class of 2019

Upcoming events



A month dedicated to celebrating and exploring Asian American and Pacific Islander culture and identity as a student body and community

Baby Blue

Annual basketball tournament to connect alumni with current students and build the Asian/Asian American community beyond UNC

Big / Little

Connects younger students with older students to help acclimate new students to UNC and the Asian American community

Journey Into Asia

Annual cultural showcase featuring performances that display the diversity of the Asian/Asian American community at UNC and the surrounding area


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Joshua Chung
Jessie Huang
Vice President
Esther Lee
Calvin Zhang
Logistics Chair
Audrey Sung
Cultural Main Events Coordinator
David Choi
Political Chair
Anna Hattle
Service Chair
Phillip Huynh
Special Events Coordinator
Tanas Gangadhar
First Year Representative
Xueyang Li
First Year Representative
Julie Son
Design Chair
Phong Dinh
Publicity Chair
Emily Yue
Editor in Chief
Michelle Yu
Journey Into Asia Design Chair
Jade Wu
Journey Into Asia Assistant
Kiet Huynh
Journey Into Asia Assistant
Jeremy Chao
Journey Into Asia Assistant
Stephanie Dong
Photography Committee
Nina Kim
Photography Committee
Addy Liu
Photography Committee
Austin Dunn
Stanley Sun
ASA Talks Creator
Cat Ryu
ASA Talks Committee
Kevin Cao
Event Planning Assistant
Mahnoor Siddiqui
Event Planning Assistant
Andrew Zhang
Event Planning Assistant
Cecilia Sit
Event Planning Assistant


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