I Am Not Your Joke

A joke is hilarious.

A joke causes amusement.

Day after [sic]the a student committed suicide on campus. I heard some girl say ‘ I wish more [sic] asians would kill themselves more so my major would be less competitive’. – udub18

This is not a joke.

This is not hilarious.

Earlier today, University Primetime, a self-styled “only source for Dangerous college news” site released an article titled “College Baby? Students Reveal Dumbest Things They’ve Heard In Class, And It’s Hilarious”.  With over 65,000 likes on Facebook, this site attracts college students nationwide wholesale jerseys for laughs, procrastination, and videos of wasted fraternity brothers taking bong rips and doing keg stands.  University Primetime is an entertainment site for undergraduate students which posts college themed Buzzfeed-like clickbait articles such as “Girl Goes To Club, Poops On Floor, And I’m Literally Dying Of Laughter” to generate ad revenue. This site capitalizes off of people’s laughs.

However, these laughs should appeal to all people and not disparage them. By marketing themselves to college students, University Primetime is received by the same individuals who are learning to be future lawmakers, teachers, CEO’s, and politicians that run this country.  These laughs lodge themselves in the back of students’ minds. They are tweeted for favorites, and yakked for upvotes; they can be insidious to every mind they touch. One may think: “This article is harmless!  Besides, nobody takes this stuff seriously.  Stop being so sensitive!  Can’t you take a joke?”

This thinking is unacceptable. By “joking” that it would be more convenient to see Asian people kill themselves than to study harder, the speaker has effectively delegitimized an entire race of people’s right to live based on their status cheap nba jerseys as a non-white minority.  This claim is especially sensitive to Asian American people.  This is due to its direct alignment with the Model Minority stereotype of Asian American people.  The stereotype states that Asian Americans are a diligent, tireless, super-smart, but subservient people that often take jobs as doctors, researchers, or academics.  The стоимость stereotype is the same reason why my calculus teacher cheap nba jerseys wanted to know why, being Chinese, I wasn’t innately good at math.  This stereotype is the same reason why Asian American students Welcome! are more likely than white students to report difficulties with stress, sleep, and feelings of hopelessness, yet they are less likely to seek counseling1.  This stereotype is the same reason why the speaker in udub18’s comment expected Asians to kill themselves at the expense of her GPA.  Model Minority is a dangerous idea that ostracizes Asian people and cements their status as a “privileged minority” in the United States.  This statement is extraordinarily damaging because it’s directed straight at underrepresented Asian people who face a documented difficulty with depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Aristotle says that comedy is  “the action of men worse than ourselves.”  By laughing at, sharing, and making racist jokes, one trivializes minorities and the issue they face.  In making racist jokes, one argues that the oppression that Asian American people face, such as the Model Minority stereotype, are not actually serious issues; they are “jokes”.  Being the butt end of a joke makes me feel like I have less inherent worth than you.

These same principles used to marginalize Asian people have historically been used to justify cases of mass oppression. When this type of dehumanization is supported as an acceptable form of humor or comedy, the minds of young people can be irreversibly damaged. College students should be responsible for making progress and developing new ideas, not clinging to dangerous and racially charged dialogue.

So how do we prevent racist ideology and promote a community of tolerance and social acceptance?  The Asian Students Association at UNC seeks to foster this type of space by facilitating its members with the resources to speak about social justice issues.  This month, we will feature our first discussion series event.

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Quotes from the article cheap nba jerseys that didn’t make the cut were:

During an International Business class, during a chapter on Mainland China: “Why do we have to study about ching-chongs anyway?” She went on to argue with my Chinese prof about Chinese culture. – assesundermonocles

In an anthropology class I once took, we were discussing cultural specific disorders – i.e. anorexia and cheap nfl jerseys bulimia in western cultures. In some Asian cultures there is a disorder called Koro where the male has delusions a of penis shrinkage and retraction into the body. This kid yells out “oh no wonder Asians have such small penises” There was an Asian dude sitting next to him that just turned to him and said “You bastard”. – changemytampon


This is the opinion of Josh Jiang.  If you have any questions comments or concerns about this article, please contact me at jiang18j@live.unc.edu

  1. Ly, P (2008). Caught between two cultures. In Diverse Issues in Higher Education. http://diverseeducation.com/artman/publish/article_11578.shtml


10 thoughts on “I Am Not Your Joke

  • If whitey said any offensive things to me I would have pulled out a pair of box cutters and decapitated him on the spot.

  • Thank you. This was a very well written and articulate article that I an looking forward to sharing with my human rights class.

  • Thank you for writing this article. It touches very close to home. I was very lucky to be born and raised in San Francisco, where people are more socially aware, not that we NEVER encounter any of this. But it happens less. But when it does, it’s surprising.

  • As a white male, I can say that this “joke” was listed on the “College Students Reveal Dumbest Things They’ve Heard In Class, And It’s Hilarious” article because it is so ridiculous. The hilarity, for me, lies in the fact that this white chick would rather have someone (who stereotypically works hard for good grades) die than to lock themselves in the library for the night and put in some effort. I agree, this isn’t a joke (there’s no punchline, it’s more of a fucked-up observation), but I am laughing. I am not laughing at suicide or the asian community, I’m laughing at absurdity of my fellow white people (who make me look bad most of the time).

    • *I’m not laughing at all those white school shooters murdering those white children , just the haircuts I of the killers, I mean they’re hilarious.*

      How you sound, Dick. Suicide of Asian students vs Homocide from White people

  • This joke made me bust at the seems. I still can’t stop laughing. I can’t believe all of these comments are just coming from Tumblrfag triggerbaiters and otherkin worshiping feminazis. I agree with this joke. 100%

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