The Asian Students Association dedicates its self to advance the interests and the needs of UNC's Asian/ Asian American student population by providing members with the resources and opportunities to define for themselves the Asian American's role as a part of American culture.
The Carolina China Network was created to fill a void felt by numerous UNC students as the University’s first academically driven Chinese student organization. Through CCN, we aim to bring together students across campus with demonstrated interests in Sino-American affairs. CCN aims to function as an umbrella organization for China related events, debates, and research opportunities. Currently, UNC has a Chinese and Chinese-American student organization and an Asian student organization that primarily sponsor social and cultural events. CCN provides all students interested in US-China affairs opportunities for extracurricular involvement primarily in English.
This club provides a relaxed environment that provides opportunities for conversing in the Chinese language(s).  All skill levels are welcome, including beginners, masters, native speakers, and all in between.
Students in the Chinese House speak Chinese on a regular basis in the community. There are weekly meetings/educational sessions about language and culture. The Chinese House features conversational hours where students meet up to use Chinese in social settings around campus and Chapel Hill.
Chinese Undergraduate Student Association, a student-run organization open to everyone, is dedicated to bringing together Chinese students and scholars and those interested in Chinese culture or language at UNC. CUSA serves as an educational, cultural-learning instrument for the university and the community by organizing social events and other learning events which promote the awareness and appreciation for Chinese culture. CUSA also raises awareness of issues that impact the Chinese culture as well as the local community while fundraising for those causes.
Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (FACSS) is a non-profit, non-political organization devoted to providing help and service to local Chinese community, facilitating cultural exchange between Chinese and Americans, and consolidating friendship and unity among local Chinese and Carolina community. FACSS consists of Chinese students, scholars, and faculties of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Recognizing the "Hmong American identity", HSAC endeavors to promote and educate the community of the Hmong culture through socio-culture events, exhibits, and community service. If you're interested in joining our mission, the first meeting generally starts on the second week in September on Mondays, but be sure to join our listserv at Fallfest in the event that there are any changes!
The Japan Club at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides a chance for students at UNC-CH to experience Japanese culture through events targeted at specific aspects of the rich culture.  Events highlighting traditional culture such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement are main parts of Japan club.  Modern cultural aspects such as fashion and school life are also highlighted.  Japan Club also has a language focus segment called Japan Table that occurs once a month; this segment  brings together speakers of all levels in order to practice and improve speaking Japanese through conversation with heritage-speakers as well as language activities.  
Our organization seeks to promote cultural, political, and social awareness about the Korean American community both on the UNC-CH campus and in the community at large; membership is open to any and all who are interested in Korean American issues.
The purpose of this organization is to be a source of Filipino culture and a network and support system for Filipinos and the Philippine-affiliated.  The members will include anyone interested in learning about the Philippines and Filipino culture.  We aim to educate our members and audience about the Philippines through our own events as well as cooperation with other cultural organizations on campus.  Ultimately, we also hope to promote diversity by adding another unique element to the University community.
Our organization seeks to provide current information for helping student campus life in UNC-CH and serve picnic biannually for our community.

LiNK is a non-profit organization working for the end of North Korea crisis, manly regarding with human rights and fundamental freedoms. It operates under a mandate that does not allow us to remain silent about the human rights and refugee crisis. LiNK’s mission is to educate people by sharing relevant stories of North Korean citizens and refugees and by promoting the truth about the humanitarian crisis inside and around North Korea. LiNK also protect, advocate, provide, and empower the North Korean people so that one day they will have the opportunity to live in true freedom.
We are a philanthropic organization aiming to promote cultural, educational, and social and economic awareness in Pakistan.
RadAsians is a group of anti-racist, feminist, anti-homophobic, trans-inclusive Asian-identified students at UNC Chapel Hill.
The purpose of this organization is to educate the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Community about South Asian-American issues. This organization represents Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Sangam strives to heighten awareness of South Asian culture among its members, the UNC-CH campus, and the greater Chapel Hill community.
To enhance the understanding of social, cultural, and economic issues relating the Southeast Asian region within the local community as well as to raise funds for humanitarian and educational efforts that affect Southeast Asian nations and peoples. The organization, as an interest association, is open to any and all membership with the primary commonality among members being an interest in Southeast Asia and has no connection with geographic origin.
By having Taiwanese Students Association on campus, the University will benefit from having a broader perspective and representation from students from a different region and culture. The Association can also grant access to local Taiwanese ethnicity group or government agencies, providing a direct communication channel to our specific student segment when necessary.
Our objectives are to promote the connections between schools, to take care newcomers, to provide means of contact to Thai students, and to promote Thai culture to the community.
The Vietnamese Student Association at UNC-Chapel Hill is an on-campus organization for those who are interested in Vietnamese culture. We are dedicated to appreciating the beauty of Vietnam and understanding its unique history.


Founded in 1996, Bhangra Elite has grown every year since its formation. Each year we want to outdo ourselves and this year is no different. We really appreciate all your support and definitely follow us on Twitter for any updates on campus shows.
Carolina Kendo promotes the study and practice of Kendo for recreational and competitive purposes. The Kendo club will hold regular practices and participate in sanctioned kendo competitions.
Our group trains weekly, spreads knowledge of our style and art, and communicates concerns and ideas of fellowship and growth.
A gathering for Tai Chi lovers and explorers.
Chapel Hill Chalkaa is a cultural group whose purpose is to spread awareness of the Bollywood film industry as well as broaden the university’s knowledge of Indian culture through modern dance. No other enterprise on campus is performing such a service because no other dance group performs under such a genre or attempts to inform the student body of the impact of the Hindi film industry on the arts. We blend classical Indian dance styles with modern Western dance styles and perform in competitions all over the country!
Bharatnatyam, a classical Indian dance in existence for over 1000 years, requires intensive training over a span of 7 or more years under the instruction of classically trained teacher. A dance which originated in the temples of Southern India, Bharatnatyam, has evolved into a specific classical dance form with a dynamic rhythm and rich vocabulary of expressive facial, hand and foot gestures which tell artistic stories of the Hindu religion.  In order to sustain and further this traditional art form, an organization specifically geared towards bringing those with Bharatnatyam training and those with a keen interest in learning together must be formed.  The purpose of the organization will be to further the understanding and appreciation for this age old Indian art form, while enriching the campus community with cultural diversity, and bridging cultural gaps through the universal art form of dance. At the present time no other student or campus organization fills the void of the proposed organizations goals.
Flying Silk is UNC’s only classical Chinese dance group. Our purpose is to provide an outlet for UNC students interested in Chinese culture and educate the student community of the traditional aspects of Chinese dance.
Kamikazi was started in 1996 by Chi Dang as the first co-ed dance team at UNC-Chapel Hill.  The team’s name is derived from the Japanese word “kamikaze,” meaning “divine wind.”   True to its name, Kamikazi is an active participant in many fundraisers and charity events.  The team is composed of dedicated people who are concerned for their community and the welfare of their teammates.  Thus, Kamikazi is more than just a dance team – it is a family. Every year, Kamikazi attracts new and vibrant dancers with their own talents and styles.  Nevertheless, the spirit of Kamikazi lives on in a diversity-oriented, unified dance team, committed to our highly-practiced routines and shows.  We enjoy performing a variety of dance styles including hip hop, jazz, break dancing, popping, locking, and more!
UNC Moonlight Hip Hop Dance Crew is about spreading the love of dance, hip hop, and community.  We are looking for dancers from all backgrounds regardless of experience, and we especially welcome people just exploring their interest in dance.  As a performance group on campus, we strive to showcase the diverse talents on our team, promote worthy causes that benefit the community, and challenge ourselves artistically with each performance.  Our goal is to give our members the whole dance experience.  We do this by inviting them to outside workshops, making videos, performing on stage, etc.
This organization was created to instruct members in the hard-soft martial arts style Okinawan Karate-do Goju Ryu.  Members can expect to learn real world self-defense skills while increasing physical health and gaining diversity experience.  It is an affiliate of the national organization Tokai Juku.  The schedule of classes is flexible and the class is designed to teach and help as many students as possible.
Samaa is an acapella group based around the idea of fusing Bollywood music with contemporary Western hits. The group thrives on the power of diversity to fuel the unique music it creates. Its members share an interest in not only South Asian music, but also Western popular music. The combined music is a great metaphor for how cultures can be similar and how music is a universal language. The group meets weekly to practice our pieces and performs at all kinds of events on campus including service events, awareness benefit nights, and South Asian interest programs.
The intended purpose of the Tar Heel Raas is to actively entertain the general public and raise cultural awareness of the traditional West Indian dances, Raas and Garba; we would also represent the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill at national intercollegiate dance competitions and performances. The vision of the group is to collaborate with other universities in order to increase the awareness of Raas and Garba throughout the nation and to create a unified presence of the Gujarati folk dance.


As the first Southeast chapter in the history of our sorority, our chapter strives to uphold alpha Kappa Delta Phi's pillars of sisterhood, scholarship, leadership, service, and Asian awareness each and every day, while establishing life-long bonds with our sisters from across the nation.
Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. is the largest, strongest, and fastest growing South Asian Interest sorority in the nation. We are a trichotomy of social, service, and academics, and our philanthropy is children's education and literacy.
Delta Sigma Iota is UNC's first and only South Asian Interest Fraternity.  Though we are a South Asian Interest Fraternity, we welcome men of all backgrounds and races.  The brothers try to live by our pillars of service, education, and unity.  We are actively involved in community service and philanthropy as well.
A cultural based Asian-interest sorority that aims to bring a new wave of cultural perspective on social issues, to enhance Asian American identities, and to discover similarities through differences within the student body.
Our organization is tailored toward developing young men into leaders through philanthropic, academic and social activities. We hope to also make a strong impact on the Asian community, expanding our reach on campus as well as the Triangle area.
Pi Alpha Phi is an Asian-American Interest Fraternity founded on our pillars of Academic Excellence, Asian American Awareness, Brotherhood, Leadership, and Philanthropy. This website serves our members, prospective members, friends, and the general public.