UNC ASA's take on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

ASA adapts the idea of the official APAHM to UNC by dedicating a month of events inspired by exploring aspects of Asian American and Pacific Islander culture and identity. Within this month, there will be events weekly that focus on identity, mixing of cultures, breaking stereotypes, diversity, and more.

David Choi
Political Chair

Message from the Coordinator

In the upcoming APAHM, we will explore Asian American identity and the role we play in society.  Stay tuned for more updates!

APAHM 2016

Visit us in the spring for more info on UNC ASA's 2016 APAHM!
What does it mean to be Asian Pacific American in our society? Come learn about different social issues, cultures, and how people around define the Asian American identity. In 2015, we are defining our identities by asking ourselves "Who am I?" and "What is my role as an Asian American?"