UNC ASA Statement on Charlotte Anti-black Assault

In response to the incident of violence against an African American woman in Charlotte, the Asian Students Association of UNC met to create a statement. It reads as follows:

The Asian Students Association of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill would like to extend condolences to the victim of assault and those affected by the incident that occurred at a Korean owned black beauty supply store in Charlotte, North Carolina. UNC ASA condemns violent acts against all people, especially those that are linked to histories of racism and discrimination. Regardless of the various factors that shaped the situation, there is no excuse for the violent actions of the employees of Missha.

UNC ASA denounces the violent actions of the Korean American Missha employees and the greater narrative of continued violence against the black community in America. ASA recognizes the importance of addressing anti-blackness within the Asian and Asian-American community and will continue to provide programming and resources for the deconstruction of anti-blackness in our community. We believe that each and every human life should be cherished. Black bodies should not be racialized as aggressive or dangerous based on stereotypes.

UNC ASA recognizes that the Asian and Asian American community must reflect on its history of racism and anti-blackness and stand for justice for all marginalized groups. It is important to recognize that the fight for liberation from systemic oppression in our country cannot come to any one community alone. We acknowledge the need to stand in solidarity with all people who struggle in this unjust system.

UNC ASA also recognizes the negative effects of the Korean monopoly of the production, distribution, and retail of black beauty supplies, and the impact it has on black small businesses and black communities. UNC ASA recognizes the importance of the inclusion and development of black owned small businesses, especially for businesses that serve black communities.

UNC ASA acknowledges the struggles of immigrants, many of whom sacrificed so much to attain success in America. We especially recognize the numerous narratives of the AAPI working class whose stories are often erased in the AAPI community.

UNC ASA wants to emphasize the importance of AAPIs engaging in discussion on the long history and issues regarding anti-blackness with their peers, parents and members of different generations.

In the process of creating this statement, UNC ASA recognizes that our perspectives are limited, and are unable to reflect all the intersectionalities related to the incident and within the various communities at UNC. If anyone would like to share their personal views on these issues please contact us.

If you would like more information on the incident, please see this document for more resources.

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